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We offer music instruction to "KIDS" ages 1-101!

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Busy Bee Basics

Piano & Guitar Institute
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Class schedule is on the Infants, Toddlers, and PreSchoolers page. 



Piano & Guitar Institute
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Tots Rock!Tapping into your child's potential through music and laughter.  

  • Specially designed for children ages walking - 36 months.  
  • A fun parent-child class using music to help children reach developmental skills and milestones in a nurturing environment. 
  • Children are exposed to four different genres of music each month: classical, jazz & blues, children’s songs/nursery rhymes, and pop rock as well as seasonal selections.
  • Tots Rock! classes are 30 minutes 1 time each week.
  • Tuition is $50 per month.

Besides being fun! Why should you or your children take piano lessons?

  1. Piano lessons increase your attention span
  2. Piano lessons develop fine motor skills
  3. Piano lessons build self-confidence
  4. Piano lessons begin to overcome shyness
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Options for all ages:


3 year olds - Teens:

Yes! even a 3 year old can learn. Their are multiple reasons for starting your children in piano.  By getting them involved in piano at an early age their IQ score on average can be higher.  It teaches responsibility, as well as the ability to follow visual directions.


Yes! We can get you playing the Rock, Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, Classical, or any style of music you want within weeks.



Yes! Adults too can learn to play the piano.  Whether you are experienced, played as a child, or have never touched a piano, we can teach you to read music and play the style of music you enjoy most.